HC Deb 26 June 1930 vol 240 cc1317-9
20. Mr. MANDER

asked the Minister of Labour if she is aware that cases have arisen where claims for benefit of persons who have been unemployed for periods of


As the reply is necessarily long, and includes a tabular statement, I will, if I may, circulate it in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Following is the reply:

The total number of vacancies notified to the Employment Exchanges during the period from the 31st December, 1929, to the 24th March, 1930, was 414,119. During the same period, the Exchanges filled 370,356, or approximately 90 per cent. These figures include placings of all kinds—that is to say, juveniles as well as adults, claimants and non-claimants. They include also placings in non-insured occupations as well as those in insured occupations.

Statistics are not available with regard to the total number of labour engagements. The machinery of unemployment insurance does, however, enable an approximate record to be obtained of the number of engagements in insured work of adult claimants for unemployment benefit registered as wholly unemployed. The following table shows for the period from 31st December, 1929, to 24th March, 1930, the proportion of such engagements effected through the Employment Exchanges.

over two years have been disallowed on the ground of their not being normally engaged in insurable employment; and whether this action is in accordance with instructions issued by her?


Length of unemployment is not in itself a disqualification for benefit, but is one of the considerations taken into account by the statutory authorities in deciding individual claims. I have no power to issue instructions to those authorities, and the last part of the question does not, therefore, arise.


Is it a fact that something like 400,000 are covered?


asked the Minister of Labour whether she is aware that certain men on relief work in the Dudley area who pay unemployment insurance contributions during that employment are refused benefit when their work ceases; and what is the reason for such refusal?


I am making inquiries and will communicate the result to my hon. Friend as soon as possible.