HC Deb 06 June 1930 vol 239 cc2549-50

asked the Minister of Transport., what improvements are proposed to be made to the Crinan Canal; when the work will be commenced; and the estimated employment value of the scheme?

The MINISTER of TRANSPORT (Mr. Herbert Morrison)

It is proposed to construct a new sea-lock at each end of the Canal in place of the existing sea-locks, and to provide an additional reservoir for the supply of water to the Canal. The necessary preliminary work is now in hand and a start will be made on the excavations shortly. The work will give direct employment to about 130 men for a period of 18 months, apart from the indirect employment involved in the supply of plant and materials.


How soon will the work commence?


Will it enable larger vessels to pass through the canal?


I cannot be quite certain about that. My impression is that it will put the canal into a good condition, but I should require notice of the point which the hon. and gallant Member has raised. In answer to the hon. and learned Member for Argyll (Mr. Macquisten), I have already informed him that preliminary work is now in hand, and that a start will be made on the excavations shortly, but I cannot give the exact date.


Has the hon. Gentleman considered the advisability of making a sea water canal? I can assure him that if he takes a poll of the inhabitants, he will find them in favour of such a scheme.