HC Deb 15 July 1930 vol 241 cc1123-233

Order for Consideration, as amended (in the Standing Committee), read.

The SECRETARY of STATE for SCOTLAND (Mr. William Adamson)

I beg to move. That the Bill be recommitted to a Committee of the whole House in respect of the Amendments standing on the Notice Paper in the name of Mr. Secretary Adam-son to Clause 2, page 3, line 21, Clause 4, page 4, line 13, Schedule 2, page 40, line 41, Schedule 2, page 41, line 30, Schedule 3, page 42, line 35, and Schedule 3, page 43, line 12. The re-committal of this Bill is a purely formal proceeding to give effect to a pledge given by the Under-Secretary during the Committee stage. On all hands I have been pressed to remedy an injustice which is possible under the present law whereby a proprietor may have 100 per cent. deducted from his compensation if the local authorities should decree that the land in future is to be reserved as an open space. This is clearly unfair to an individual proprietor, and we have met the difficulty by ensuring that no one will get less than site value. Everyone has agreed that this safeguard should be inserted.

Bill accordingly considered in Committee.

[Mr. ROBERT YOUNG in the Chair.]

  1. CLAUSE 2.—(Clearance Orders.) 1,053 words
  2. c1126
  3. CLAUSE 4.—(Treatment of clearance area.) 30 words
  4. c1126
  5. SECOND SCHEDULE.—(Compulsory Purchase Orders.) 167 words
  6. cc1127-8
  7. NEW CLAUSE.—(Duty of local authority to have regard to amenities of locality, etc.) 673 words
  8. cc1129-32
  9. NEW CLAUSE.—(Adjustment of rents.) 1,560 words
  10. cc1132-8
  11. NEW CLAUSE.—(Certificate of execution of works.) 2,230 words
  12. cc1138-48
  13. NEW CLAUSE.—(Standard of re-housing accommodation.) 3,763 words
  14. cc1148-54
  15. CLAUSE 2.—(Clearance orders.) 2,431 words
  16. cc1154-7
  17. CLAUSE 4.—(Treatment of clearance area.) 1,387 words
  18. cc1157-8
  19. CLAUSE 5.—(Power of local authority to purchase cleared land which owners have failed to redevelop.) 40 words
  20. c1158
  21. CLAUSE 7.—(Treatment of improvement area.) 307 words
  22. c1159
  23. CLAUSE 8.—(Application in improvement area of Rent and Mortgage interest (Restrictions) Acts.) 102 words
  24. cc1159-60
  25. CLAUSE 9.—(Obligations of local authority with respect to re-housing.) 368 words
  26. cc1160-1
  27. CLAUSE 11.—(Validity and date of operation of clearance orders and compulsory purchase orders.) 240 words
  28. cc1161-6
  29. CLAUSE 12.—(Assessment of compensation in respect of land purchased compulsorily and of insanitary premises required to be demolished.) 2,049 words
  30. c1166
  31. CLAUSE 14.—(Power of focal authority to order repair of insanitary house.) 96 words
  32. c1167
  33. CLAUSE 15.—(Enforcement of notice requiring execution of repairs.) 28 words
  34. c1167
  35. CLAUSE 16.—(Power of local authority to order demolition or closing of in-sanitary house.) 23 words
  36. c1167
  37. CLAUSE 21.—(Power of local authority to acquire and repair certain houses.) 17 words
  38. c1167
  39. CLAUSE 22.—(Duties of local authorities to review housing conditions in their districts and to frame proposals.) 50 words
  40. cc1167-81
  41. CLAUSE 23.—(Government contributions to expenses of local authorities in providing accommodation available for displaced persons, etc.) 5,868 words, 1 division
  42. cc1181-7
  43. CLAUSE 24.—(Special conditions.) 2,150 words
  44. cc1187-95
  45. CLAUSE 26.—(Recovery of possession of buildings subject to clearance, demolition or closing order.) 3,343 words
  46. cc1195-6
  47. CLAUSE 28.—(Power of local authority to require information as to ownership of premises.) 27 words
  48. c1196
  49. CLAUSE 32.—(Amendment of s. 51 of principal Act.) 175 words
  50. c1196
  51. CLAUSE 33.—(Provisions with respect to official representations.) 77 words
  52. cc1196-204
  53. CLAUSE 34.—(Power of Department to enforce exercise of powers by local authorities.) 2,962 words
  54. cc1204-6
  55. CLAUSE 35.—(Complaint to Department by tenant or occupier with regard to water supply, etc.) 624 words
  56. c1206
  57. CLAUSE 36.—(Provisions as to exercise by Department of powers of a local authority.) 50 words
  58. cc1206-8
  59. CLAUSE 46.—(Interpretation.) 889 words
  60. cc1208-14
  61. FIRST SCHEDULE.—(Clearance Orders.) 2,158 words
  62. cc1214-5
  63. SECOND SCHEDULE.—(Compulsory Purchase Orders.) 469 words
  64. cc1215-33
  65. FOURTH SCHEDULE.—(Minor and consequential Amendments of the Principal Act.) 7,160 words