HC Deb 08 March 1929 vol 226 cc753-8

Considered in Committee.

[Mr. JAMES HOPE in the Chair.]

  1. CLAUSES 1 (Increase of units of pensions and of maximum amount of pension) and 2 (Provisions as to alternative pensions under Superannuation Acts), ordered to stand part of the Bill.
    1. cc753-7
    2. CLAUSE 3.—(Power to grant a reduced pension under Superannuation Acts in special cases.) 1,307 words
  2. Clause 4 (Gratuity in case of death while serving as Governor in case of Governors with Colonial or similar civil-service) ordered to stand part of the Bill.
    1. c757
    2. CLAUSE 5.—(Amendment of Section six of principal Act.) 251 words
    3. c758
    4. CLAUSES 6 (Application of principal Act to Resident at Aden), 7 (Amendment of definition of "service in the permanent civil service of the State"), 8 (Rower to extend principal Act to mandated territories), 9 (Interpretation), and 10 (Short title, citation, construction, and repeal) ordered to stand part of the Bill. 16 words