HC Deb 24 April 1929 vol 227 c872

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland the minimum age for retiral of police in Scotland; and what is the maximum period a member of the force is allowed to continue in service after he has qualified for retiring pension?


As 25 years' approved service after attaining the age of 20 is necessary to entitle a member of a police force in Scotland to retire on ordinary pension without medical certificate, the minimum retiral age is in effect 45; but the full rate of ordinary pension is not earned until a minimum of 30 years' approved service after attaining the age of 20 has been rendered. Retirement is compulsory at the following ages:

Sergeants and constables 55
Superintendents, lieutenants and inspectors 60
Chief constables and assistant chief constables 65
but in special cases service may be extended for a further period not exceeding five years if such extension is considered to be in the interests of efficiency. Special provision is made in Section 34 (1) (e) of the Police Pensions Act, 1921, with regard to retirement of members who were serving at the date when the Act came into operation.


Is the right hon. Gentleman aware that great dissatisfaction exists in the police force in many parts of Scotland because of members of the force exercising this right to stay on after their time for retiral has arrived, and in this way keeping back the promotion of junior members of the Service?


No, Sir. I am not aware of that fact.