HC Deb 15 November 1928 vol 222 c1049

asked the Minister of Pensions whether there is any fixed rate of disability for an officer or man who was rendered stone deaf by head wounds; and whether, in fixing his rate of disability, any consideration is given to his pre-War occupation?


The rate for total deafness caused by War service is fixed at 70 per cent. by the Royal Warrant. In the case of deafness, as of other disabilities, assessment is, in the interests of pensioners, uniformly in accordance with the degree of physical disablement, without regard to the fitness or unfitness of the pensioner for any particular occupation.


Would the Minister take into consideration the case of a man who held an exceedingly good clerical position before the War, but who has now lost that very responsible position because he was rendered stone deaf, and his degree of disability in no way compensates him for that loss?


I shall be very happy to take into consideration any point put to me by the hon. Member, but the general principle which is accepted by everyone in connection with war pensions is that equal disablement must be met by equal compensation.

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