HC Deb 15 May 1928 vol 217 c849

asked the Minister of Transport whether his Department has made any tests of Dr. A. M. Low's audiometer or of any other instrument for the scientific measurement of sound; whether any such instrument has been found satisfactory for general adoption as a standard of noise; and, if so, will he consider making a test by this instrument compulsory for all motor vehicles before being licensed?

Colonel ASHLEY

My Department is acquainted with the results of tests of this instrument, although it has not carried out such tests itself. I am not aware of any device which would afford a completely satisfactory method of testing the noise made by a motor vehicle. The amount of noise depends so largely upon the manner of driving and the speed, that any system of compulsory tests would be of doubtful value.


Is the right hon. Gentleman devising some scheme to minimise the terrible nuisance of the noise of motor-vehicles?

Colonel ASHLEY

That falls within the province of my right hon. Friend the Home Secretary.