HC Deb 27 February 1928 vol 214 cc42-3

May I ask you, Mr. Speaker, for your guidance and assistance with reference to the business to-morrow night? As you and the House are aware, to-morrow night we begin the discussion of the Railway Bills. There are five Bills, and each Bill covers precisely the same ground as the other. The Bills have been put down for consideration to-morrow night and Wednesday night, and what I want to ask is whether it is not possible for us to have the two evenings devoted to a general Debate on the subject, which is of very large public importance; that there should be no Division on Tuesday night on any of the Bills; but that, at the end of the general discussion on Wednesday night, the whole of the Bills should be dealt with? I have ventured to express the opinion that that procedure would be for the general convenience of the House, and I rise to ask you whether you would assist us to get it done.


The Chairman of Ways and Means tells me that he would not ask for a decision on Tuesday night if it were understood that by giving a second evening to the discussion the group of Bills could be dealt with as the right hon. Gentleman has suggested. I think that would be for the convenience of the House. [HON. MEMBERS: "Hear, hear!"] It appears to me that one evening would be rather a short time in view of the importance of the subject.