HC Deb 13 December 1928 vol 223 cc2341-2

May I ask, Mr. Speaker, whether any guidance or advice can be given hon. Members with regard to a letter which, to my knowledge, has been addressed to several bon. Members of this House, and which appears to be something in the nature of a circular letter, probably addressed to them all by the Editor of a London newspaper. The letter is as follows: You are doubtless aware of the intense feeling of resentment there is in this country over the stoppage of football competitions, an entirely harmless pastime, the revival of which is awaited by millions of voters. The feeling is so strong that it is bound to express itself in the coming Election. This is not a question of party politics at all for Conservative and Labour Members are working shoulder to shoulder for the restoration of football competitions. It is our desire, for the information of our 500,000 readers, to know what side you are on in this great issue and I shall be grateful if you will be so kind as to post me the enclosed card indicating your attitude. Should we have no reply we shall assume that you are against the revival of football competitions. The announcement that the feeling of millions of voters is likely to be expressed on this subject at the coming Elections and the desire to be able to announce to the public what side hon. Members are going to take, coupled with the expression that failure to reply will be taken to mean that they disapprove of these football competitions, appears to me to be something rather in the nature of a threat or menace to pillory or prejudice them in the eyes of the electors, and, therefore, to constitute a dangerous precedent.


The letter which the right hon. Member has read has been brought to my notice. It does not appear to me to be one on which I can take any action, nor does it appear to be one which raises any specific question of Privilege. If it is of any interest to hon. Members, I received one myself.


What did you do with it?


I put it in the waste paper basket.