HC Deb 23 April 1928 vol 216 cc626-7
54 and 55. Captain CROOKSHANK

asked the Minister of Labour (1), whether, with reference to Command Paper No. 3056, Return of Expenditure of Registered Trade Unions, he can state what grants are meant in the column of expenditure headed Grants to other bodies;

(2), whether, with reference to the Return of Expenditure by the Agricultural Workers Trades Union in 1925 and 1926, as published in Command Paper No. 3056, he can state what the bodies were which received these grants; and, if so, whether he will arrange with the Chief Registrar that in future years information regarding recipients of grants shall be included in the Return submitted to Parliament?


The items included under the heading "Grants to other bodies etc." are for the most part grants to Federations, other Trade Unions, Trades Councils and Congresses, whether by way of levy or otherwise. There are also included subscriptions to hospitals, convalescent homes and other charitable institutions and transfers of funds between unions on amalgamation or transfer of engagements.

I am circulating in the OFFICIAL REPORT details of the expenditure referred to in question No. 55. To include these particulars in the Returns would involve the publication of a mass of detail and this would not be consistent with the nature of the Returns which are intended to give a brief summary of the available figures.


Has the hon. Gentleman's attention been called to the fact that, in the case of this Union, during that year the grants to other bodies doubled the total amount of benefit to the members of the Union; and does he think that that is right?


It is entirely a matter of opinion. As I have stated in my answer, I am circulating in the OFFICIAL REPORT details of the items which my hon. and gallant Friend wanted.


Is it possible for the executive of one union to make grants of its funds to other unions; and is there no provision against this misappropriation of funds?


As my hon. and learned Friend knows, that is a question of law about which I am not acquainted.


Has the hon. Gentleman examined the returns of the employers' trade unions, and noted that the percentage of grants to benefits is even greater than in any of the trade unions?

Following are the details:

The bodies which received grants are as follow:—

1925. 1926.
£ £
Trade Union Congress Distress Fund 1,000
Trade Union Congress Affiliation Fees 407 371
Miners' Federation of Great Britain Distress 1,852
National Council of Labour Colleges 5 30
International Landworkers' Federation 10
Other bodies 44 21
466 3,274