HC Deb 17 March 1927 vol 203 cc2192-3
65. Colonel WOODCOCK

asked the Attorney-General the number of county advisory committees and borough advisory committees for the selection of those persons suitable to be nominated as Justices of the Peace which have not been revised since 1923, and which have not yet come under the new system which the Lord Chancellor has set up for appointing such members for a liked term of office for six years?

The ATTORNEY-GENERAL (Sir Douglas Hogg)

There are 99 advisory committees acting for counties or parts of counties. 25 of these committees have been re-appointed for fixed terms of office since 1923. There are 212 advisory committees acting for boroughs which have separate commissions of the peace. 38 of these Committees have been re-appointed for fixed terms of office since 1923.


Can the right hon. Gentleman represent to the Lord Chancellor that this reform in a complete form is long overdue and that there is great discontent throughout the country at these committees not being reformed?


Will the right hon. Gentleman make representations to the Lord Chancellor to see if the advisory committees could not be made more representative of the public life of both boroughs and counties than they are at the present time?


In answer to the latter question, if the hon. Member has any matters to put before the Lord Chancellor, I shall be very glad if he will send them direct instead of through myself. In answer to the first supplementary question, I will see that the suggestion of my hon. and gallant Friend is brought before the Lord Chan- cellor, but he will understand that it is not a matter over which I have any personal control.