HC Deb 20 July 1927 vol 209 cc391-2

asked the Secretary for Mines whether in the monthly Returns showing the number of days worked per week by the mines, and in regard to which allowance is made in all the cases for short time, such allowance takes any account of cases where full man-shifts are not worked; if so, to what extent; and whether, if no such account is now taken, there is any difficulty in its being ascertained?


Parts of a day or shift are counted as such in both sets of employment figures published by the Mines Department. The first, which is published monthly in the "Labour Gazette," shows the number of days or parts of days on which the pits wind coal, and allowance is made where less than a full day is worked by the pit. The second, which is published in the Quarterly Statistical Summaries of output, proceeds, etc., of the coal industry, gives particulars of man-shifts worked. Instructions are given on the form of return that a fraction of a man-shift is to be counted as such.