HC Deb 17 February 1927 vol 202 cc1089-90

asked the President of the Board of Education on what estimate of the component items of expenditure the total of 45 shillings per head of average attendance is based in Circular 1388?


The figure of 45 shillings net expenditure per head of average attendance is an inclusive figure, to comprise administration and "other" expenditure, that is to say, all expenditure on maintenance except teachers' salaries, loan charges, and special services. The Circular, though it is based on a careful examination of the detailed expenditure of a number of typical authorities, does not apply interior limiting standards to the very numerous items which fall under these headings, and this is, I think, in accordance with the wishes of local authorities. If the right hon. Member will refer to the Memorandum on the Board of Education Estimates, 1926, he will see that for the current year I have allowed for an expenditure by local authorities of £11,018,000 under these heads, which is £255,000 in excess of the actual expenditure in 1924–25 and is equivalent to somewhat less than 44 shillings per head of the estimated average attendance.


Is this figure of 43 shillings an average figure for the country?


No; it is not an average figure for the country. It is a figure which corresponds to the actual expenditure and actual prospective expenditure of the vast majority of authorities. There are very few authorities in regard to whom any question will arise as to the excess.