HC Deb 07 December 1927 vol 211 c1364

asked the Minister of Labour if he can furnish an estimate of the additional number of males and females, respectively, if unemployment insurance applied, without restriction of age or occupation, to all employed persons engaged in manual labour and to those with less than £250 a year engaged in non-manual labour?


Precise figures are not available with regard to the total number of employed persons in Great Britain engaged in manual labour or in non-manual labour at a rate of remuneration not exceeding £250 a year; but on such information as is available it may be estimated that the number referred to in the question would be approximately 5 millions; including about 3 million males and 2 million females. The figures include employed persons of both sexes over the age of 65 years who, as from 2nd January next, will cease to be insured under the Unemployment Insurance Acts and those under the age of 16.