HC Deb 07 December 1927 vol 211 cc1357-8

asked the First Lord of the Admiralty the total cost of His Majesty's naval yard at Hong Kong for the last financial year, and the estimated cost of the work carried out there during the same period?

Lieut.-Colonel HEADLAM

The total establishment and upkeep expenses at Hong Kong naval yard in 1926–27 were £215,930. This covers general yard maintenance services, including storekeeping, repairs to machinery, etc., yard salaries; pensions; police; buildings; depreciation of machinery and plant; gas and electric current, etc. The cost of the work done on His Majesty's Ships and Naval Services was £107,741 for direct charges for labour and £161,328 for direct charges for materials. The value (net) of sea stores issued to ships and naval services was £114,785. Work and supplies on repayment cost £43,056.


May I ask whether the work which is being done in this naval yard could not be equally well carried out in the private establishments at Hong Kong, so that the total expense of this naval yard could be saved to the British taxpayer?

Lieut.-Colonel HEADLAM

That seems to me to be largely a matter of opinion; we must not give an opinion on it too quickly.