HC Deb 11 April 1927 vol 205 c36
78. Captain GARRO-JONES

asked the Home Secretary for how long the seven alien waiters, who were admitted for the express purpose of taking employment at the British Empire Exhibition, and who are still in this country, are likely to remain, and where they are employed?

Captain KING

As my right hon. Friend informed the hon. Member on the 4th instant, the aliens who were admitted for employment at the British Empire Exhibition all left the United Kingdom after the close of the Exhibition. Seven of them returned during last month in possession of Ministry of Labour permits valid for 12 months and were given leave to land for a corresponding period. None of them is a waiter.


Arising out of the reply of my hon. and gallant Friend, in view of the fact that the Liberal party is now united on this question of alien waiters, will he also consider the products which the alien waiters hand to those who have to consume them in this country?

Captain KING

I think my hon. and gallant Friend has not grasped the last part of my answer. None of them is a waiter.