HC Deb 27 September 1926 vol 199 cc245-6

(by Private Notice) asked the Prime Minister whether his attention has been called to a letter recently written by the Electricity Commissioners to certain owners of electricity undertakings informing them that they have appointed an individual to assist in the performance of work under a certain Clause of a certain Bill now before Parliament, and in anticipation of the enactment of that Bill, and requesting such owners to assist such individual in carrying out his work; whether the Prime Minister will take steps to prevent Government Departments or paid officials from calling upon businesses or corporations to assume, or act upon the assumption, that Bills introduced by the Executive Government will be passed into law by Parliament, either without alteration or at all?

The MINISTER of TRANSPORT (Colonel Ashley)

I have been asked to reply. The action taken by the Electricity Commissioners in this matter was taken with my approval. In the case of a Bill before Parliament it is not unusual for Government Departments to take preliminary steps that will facilitate the administration of the Act when passed.


Arising out of that reply, may I ask when I shall be allowed to raise this matter as a question of privilege, and to ask that the matter may be submitted to the Committee of Privileges, as to whether the wording of the letter in question is not in the nature of an insult to Parliament?


So far I cannot see that any question of privilege arises, but if the hon. Member will submit any point to me, I shall be prepared to consider it before our meeting to-morrow.