HC Deb 24 November 1926 vol 200 c410
66. Sir R. GOWER

asked the Home Secretary whether he is aware that his letter of the l2th instant to the Alsatian League of Great Britain has been misinterpreted to refer to all dogs of the Alsatian breed, and is consequently calculated to cause alarm to owners of that dog; and whether he will state that the observations contained in such letter only apply to individual animals that are cross-bred between dog and woff and not to the Alsatian breed in general?


I think anyone who reads the letter will see that it was not intended to apply to the breed of Alsatian dogs. The Alsatian League drew my attention to certain allegations that attempts had recently been made to cross dogs with wofves; and the letter in question applied solely to such crossbreeds or to animals known to have a recent strain of woff-blood in them, and not to the Alsatian breed in general.


May I ask the Home Secretary to use whatever influence he has with his followers who are putting these questions, to pay some attention to the human bottom dog?