HC Deb 09 November 1926 vol 199 cc888-9

It is not proposed to proceed with the Factories (No. 2) Bill this Session.

The House will be asked to approve by Resolution an Order dealing with Exchequer contributions tinder the Housing Acts, proposed to be made by the Minister of Health and the Scottish Board of Health under Section 5 of the Housing Act, 1924.


May I ask whether the Prime Minister considers that that lengthy programme will afford the House, it desired, opportunities of further discussion on the coal lock-out, and whether the Prime Minister can make any statement on the scope and meaning of the Government's proposals for the relief of unemployment?


I cannot reply to the last question at the moment. We shall indicate as early as possible what the contents will be. In regard to the first question, while we are always anxious to oblige all parts of the House, so far as possible in the consideration of business, with opportunities for the dis- cussion of various subjects we are, of course, limited by the time there is. It is always open, as my right hon. Friend is aware, for the Opposition at any time to secure such discussion as they desire by putting down a Vote of Censure. There will, of course, be an opportunity afforded for a discussion on the Consolidated Fund Bill dealing with all questions concerning unemployment.


Would the Vote of Censure be carried?


Has the Prime Minister any intention of providing time for discussion of the existing situation in China?


I have not that before me at the moment, but the question should be addressed in the usual way to the Chief Whip, who is responsible for the conduct of business.


On a point of Order. Would it be permissible to discuss the matters suggested by the Prime Minister, such as unemployment, on the Consolidated Fund Bill, if they are not included in the Consolidated Fund Bill? The Prime Minister made a statement that we might have a general discussion upon, these matters. Can we have such a discussion on the Consolidated Fund Bill? If they are not in the Bill, we cannot discuss them.


It is for me to wait and see what is contained in the Bill.


Does the Prime Minister intend to have these items in the Bill, seeing that he has said we can have a discussion upon them on the Consolidated Fund Bill?


Perhaps the hon. Member had better wait until a later date. I am not quite clear what it is he means. What I said was that matters dealing with unemployment would obviously come for discussion under the Consolidated Fund Bill. There is in the Consolidated Fund Bill permission to pay out the money which this House has voted for the purpose of unemployment.


Does the right hon. Gentleman consider that further censure is necessary, after the 1st November?