HC Deb 03 May 1926 vol 195 cc19-20

asked the Secretary of State for War, in view of the increase as between 1913-14 and 1925–26 of 86 per cent. in the military staff and 375 per cent. in the civilian staff, of 138 per cent. in the subordinate military staff and 190 per cent. in the subordinate civilian staff, and 226 per cent. in the expenditure at the Artillery College, Woolwich, if he will state the reasons for these increases and what extra duties are involved to justify them?

Captain Viscount CURZON (for Sir L. WORTHINGTON - EVANS)

The Artillery College is the training centre of experts in connection with artillery science, service and manufacture, and the large developments in war material which have taken place since 1914, including the mechanicalisation of transport, necessitates both greater specialisation and a greater number of specialists. Apart from the necessary increase in establish- ments, the increase in the pay of both military and civilian grades has contributed to the extra cost of the college. I would point out that the hon. Member is incorrect in referring to the increase in the subordinate civilian staff as 190 per cent. Reference to my right hon. Friend's answer of 22nd April will show that the increase is 19 per cent.