HC Deb 12 July 1926 vol 198 cc25-6
39. Sir F. WISE

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs the total revenue of the salt gabelle for 1925; and who has now the control and administration of the revenue?


The net revenue from the salt gabelle for 1925, after meeting administrative expenses, amounted to ․73,634,000, of which sums amounting to ․33,030,000 were either retained locally or appropriated by provincial authorities or military Leaders. The system of collection of the salt revenues of China was reorganised with foreign assistance in accordance with, the terms of the loan agreement of 1913. Under this system the revenue is received locally by collecting banks and remitted to the foreign banks charged with the service of the loans secured upon the salt revenues. This system is still in force, except in the Province of Kwangtung, bust the amount appropriated by provincial authorities and military authorities has tended to increase in recent years.