HC Deb 23 November 1925 vol 188 cc1058-9

I beg to move, in page 5, line 22, after the word "commencing," to insert the words in the case of the first general rate made under this Part of this Act for any rating area being a rural district on the appointed day, in the case of the first general rate so made for any other rating area on the date on winch the first new valuation list made under Part II of this Act for the area comes into operation, and in the case of any subsequent general rate. This Amendment is largely of a drafting character. The Clause, as it stands fixes the period for which a general rate can be levied in the ordinary course, but it omits to make special provision for the first general rate to be made under this part of the Act, and the Amendment seeks to put that right by providing that in the case of the first general rate for any rural district, the first rate is to be levied as from the appointed day, and in the case of the first general rate made for any other rating area as from the date on which the first new valuation list comes into operation.


I beg to second the Amendment.


I shall be happy to accept this Amendment, which puts right a slip made in the drafting of the Bill, and unless the alteration were made there would be some difficulty in putting it into practice.


I should like some information from somebody about the Amendment. We have not even had any information from the Mover.


I did not desire to take up time in giving an explanation as I thought the purpose of the Amendment was apparent. If my right hon. and gallant Friend will look at Sub-section (2) of the Clause as it now stands, he will see that it provides that every general rate shall start as from the termination of the preceding general rate. We are advised that if this were strictly interpreted there could never be a first general rate at all, and it is to correct that slip that the Amendment is intended.

Amendment agreed to.