HC Deb 12 May 1925 vol 183 cc1683-96

For the guidance and information of the House, may I ask you, Sir, whether you can make any statement as to the apportionment of time for the Amendments to the first Order?


In the first place, 1 should like to say that the hon. Member for Shoreditch (Mr. Thurtle) has courteously offered to postpone his introduction of a Bill under the Ten Minutes Rule in view of the short time available. I have had the advantage this morning of a consultation with the hon. Member for Motherwell (Mr. Barr) and the Lord Advocate, to see if I could understand beforehand what were the main subjects which it was desired to discuss, and if the time could he shared between the different subjects. The result of that consultation is that I suggest to the House that three main subjects can be grouped under leading Amendments, the first dealing with land charges and cognate matters, the second dealing with Exchequer grants and other matters cognate thereto, and the third dealing with the repair of buildings and other things which can be grouped with that. If an hour be taken over each of these subjects, including the Division, that would leave an hour for the proceedings on the Third Beading and the subsequent Division. It would mean four Divisions in all. The hon. Member for Motherwell tells me that within the restricted time, that would seem to be the most satisfactory way of dealing with the subject. There is one small point, which need not take many minutes I understand, to be raised by the right hon. Gentleman the Member for the Scottish Universities (Sir H. Craik), coming after the three to which I have referred. If that he agreeable to the, House, it would mean that we should take the Division on the first group at about five o'clock, on the second at. about six o'clock, the third about seven o'clock, and the Division on the Third Reading about eight o'clock, leaving the Teachers Superannuation Bill to come on at 8.15, as arranged

Bill, as amended(in the Startling Committee),considered.

  1. NEW CLAUSE. (General saving for superiors.) 135 words
  2. cc1696-715
  3. CLAUSE 8.—(Payment of standard stipend.) 8,367 words, 1 division
  4. c1715
  5. CLAUSE 12(Charge to be substituted for liability, for stipend exceeding one pound.) 61 words
  6. c1715
  7. CLAUSE 4.—(Provisions where stipend exceeds one shilling but does not exceed one pound.) 81 words
  8. cc1715-6
  9. CLAUSE15.— (Extinction of liability for stipend not exceeding one shilling.) 69 words
  10. cc1716-35
  11. CLAUSE 19.— (Provisions as to certain payments out of the Consolidated Fund.) 8,486 words, 1 division
  12. cc1735-6
  13. CLAUSE 21.—(Orders of Commissioners. 48 words
  14. cc1736-7
  15. CLAUSE 22. — (Burgh churches 42 words
  16. cc1737-48
  17. CLAUSE 28. — (Transfer of rights in parish, churches and manses 5,054 words, 1 division
  18. c1748
  19. CLAUSE 31. —(Redemption of fen duty affecting glebe) 46 words
  20. cc1748-9
  21. CLAUSE 32. — (Transfer of parish churchyards) 129 words
  22. c1749
  23. CLAUSE 38. — (Additional powers of General Trustees) 147 words
  24. c1749
  25. CLAUSE 42. — (Church Collections) 10 words
  26. c1749
  27. CLAUSE 46. — (Saving for obligations of relief.) 21 words