HC Deb 23 March 1925 vol 182 cc18-9

asked the Minister of Agriculture where it is proposed to build the isolated experimental station at which the official test of Dr. John Shaw's remedy for and prevention of foot-and-mouth disease is to be made; if the building has been started; from whom the doses with which the test is to be made are being obtained; and whether he has decided that Dr. John Shaw shall be present and carry out the test when it is made?


It is not proposed to build a new experimental station for the purpose of testing Dr. Shaw's remedy. The premises at Pirbright formerly used by the Ministry as a cattle-testing station, which are being adapted for use by the Scientific Committee on Foot-and-Mouth Disease, will be utilised for the purpose. No doses of the remedy have yet been obtained, but I presume that Dr. Shaw will be prepared to supply them when required. It is not legally possible for Dr. Shaw personally to carry out the tests without a licence granted by the Home Secretary under the Cruelty to Animals Act, 1876, which I am advised he does not hold; but I propose to invite him to concur in the suggested scheme of experiments, and to be present during their conduct by the responsible officers of the Ministry's veterinary staff.


Is it seriously proposed to move infected animals from all over the country to Pirbright in order that the experiment should be carried out there rather than carry it out on the spot when an outbreak occurs, and does the right hon. Gentleman know that his Department has already—I have letters in my hand—tried to get from outside sources the requisite doses for the test instead of applying direct to Dr. Shaw himself, who claims that his remedy is both a cure and a preventative?


I do not know what correspondence my hon. Friend may or may not have in his hand. The facts are as I have stated in my answer.


Has the right hon. Gentleman ever considered the

STATEMENT showing distribution of (a) reported and (b) confirmed cases of Foot-and-Mouth Disease since the 1st January, 1925, and the number of animals slaughtered.
County. Cases reported. Cases confirmed. Animals slaughtered.
Cattle. Sheep. Pigs.
Chester 5 2 55 25
Dorset 1
Essex 1
Isle of Wight 1 1 43 38
Lancaster 1
Norfolk 2 1 23
Northampton 7 1 45 77 4
Northumberland 1
Nottingham 1 1 181 270
Salop 3
Somerset 1
Stafford 1
Suffolk 1
Sussex, East 4 4 155 55 102
Sussex, West 1
Warwick 4 4 88 1
Wiltshire 1
Worcester 1 1 21 29
Totals 37 15 611 132 469
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