HC Deb 11 March 1925 vol 181 cc1330-1

In view of the considerable number of Members who desire to take part in the discussion on the First Order to-day, will the Prime Minister be good enough to tell us what he proposes to do at quarter past eight? Does he propose to take the Second Reading, or to give us a somewhat longer time for discussion?


I had hopes of getting the Second Reading, but I recognise that the request made is not unreasonable, and I shall be prepared to give a second half-day in order to make up a whole day for the discussion. I would ask the Leaders of the Opposition parties whether they could meet me in this respect, that we might adjourn the Debate between eight and eight-fifteen in time formally to commit the second Order to a Select Committee. It is a Bill about which I understand there is no controversy. It follows the recommendations of the Colefax Committee, and is to go to a Select Committee. We are very anxious to get, on with it as quickly as possible.


I am quite agreeable to that course.

Captain BENN

My hon. Friend (Sir G. Collins) has asked me to say that, as far as we are concerned, we cordially agree to the course suggested by the Prime Minister. With respect to the business to-morrow, which some of us regard as important, and in view of the fact that no statement in explanation has been made, could one of the Ministers of the Air Department speak early in the Debate, and expound the change which has been made in the Estimates for the first time this year?


Yes. If it is for the convenience of the House, either the Under-Secretary or myself will give such an explanation towards the beginning of the Debate.