HC Deb 17 July 1925 vol 186 cc1777-8

  1. (1) Where, on the hearing of an application for an order of maintenance, the application is adjourned for any period exceeding one week, the Court may order that the husband do pay to an officer of the Court or to a third person a weekly sum (not exceeding such an amount as might be ordered to be paid under a final order) for the maintenance of the wife and any child or children in her custody until the final determination of the case: Provided that the order directing such payment shall not remain in operation for more than three months from the date on which it was made.
  2. (2) Any such order shall be enforced in like manner as if it were a final order of the Court.

Lords Amendment read a Second time.

3.0 P.M.


This Amendment is merely in order to bring the Bill into line with Section 5 of the Act of 1895. I want to suggest Amendments in lines 4 and 5; to insert after the words "pay to" ["pay to an officer of the Court"], the words "the wife or to"; to leave out the words "to an," and in the following line, after the word "person" ["a third person"], to insert the words "on her behalf."

Amendments made to Lords Amendment:

In line 4, after the word "to," insert the words "the wife or to."

In line 4 leave out the words "to an."

In line 5, after the word "person," insert the words "on her behalf."—[Mr. Locker-Lampson.]

Ordered, That a Committee be appointed to draw up Reasons to be assigned to the Lords for disagreeing to one of their Amendments to the Bill.

Committee nominated of Mr. Godfrey Locker-Lampson, Mr. Greaves-Lord, Mr. Atkinson, Mr. Pethick-Lawrence, and Mr. Rhys Davies.

Three to be the quorum.

To withdraw immediately.—[Mr. Locker-Lampson.]

Reasons for disagreeing to one of the Lords Amendments reported later, and agreed to.

To be communicated to the Lords.— [Mr. Locker-Lampson.]