HC Deb 16 July 1925 vol 186 cc1529-30
53. Mr. COUPER

asked the President of the Board of Trade the tonnage and value of the 71 steamers constructed for British owners on the Continent during the past three years?


Of the 71 ships built on the Continent and placed on the British register during the last three years, 42, with a gross tonnage of 02,898 tons, were steamships; 3, with a gross tonnage of 186 tons, were motor ships; and 26, with a gross tonnage of 5,028 tons, were sailing ships. Information as to their value is not available.

54. Mr. COUPER

asked the President of the Board of Trade whether there is a Board of Trade Regulation that British-owned steamers of foreign construction must show in a prominent place an indication of the country of origin?


Even-British ship has to have a certificate of registry, which shows, amongst other things, where the ship was built, but that certificate is generally kept amongst the ship's papers. There is no legal requirement that the country of origin must be prominently marked on a ship.


Does not the right hon. Gentleman think it would be useful to have the country of origin marked in a prominent place on the steamer, so that those who travel by it might know whether they are travelling in a British-built ship or in one of foreign construction?


Would it be a good thing to advertise foreign shipbuilding in this country?


I think there are a good many considerations on both sides in regard to the suggestion.