HC Deb 10 December 1925 vol 189 c638

asked the Minister of Pensions in how many cases have pensions been granted where the claim was made after the seven years' limit; and what special circumstances, apart from a man being under treatment and thus barred from submitting a claim until the course of treatment was completed, would permit of the Ministry considering a claim made for pension in respect of war injury after the expiry of the seven years' limit?


Grants have been made in about 11 cases where a first application for pension was made in the circumstances referred to. As I explained to the House on the occasion of the Debate on the Vote of my Department, I am prepared to consider exceptional cases in which it is clearly shown that a man has been seriously incapacitated by his war service and that a claim could not resonably be made at an earlier date. I would point out that if a man is undergoing treatment for a disability already accepted by the Ministry this does not debar him from making an application in respect of disablement arising from another cause.


In the case of an ex-service man who was discharged in December, 1918, and who the authorities declare was discharged in June of that year, what opportunity has he to prove that he was discharged in December and, therefore, be enabled to appeal?


I should be very happy personally to examine the case where such a thing has occurred.