HC Deb 07 April 1925 vol 182 cc2017-8
54. Colonel WEDGWOOD

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer the estimated amounts of arrears of Income Tax and Super-tax, respectively, on 5th April, 1924, and the estimated outstanding arrears of these amounts on 30th November, 1924, or on the latest available date?


The latest revised estimates of the amounts of Income Tax and Super-tax due to be paid (namely, amounts in respect of which a demand for payment had been issued) but not paid at the 31st March, 1924, are as follow:

Income Tax £44,877,000
Super-tax £25,973,000
I regret that I am unable to give particulars of the arrears of Income Tax outstanding at 30th November, 1924, or at any later date, i.e., during the progress of the main collection of the year's tax. It is considered, however, that the arrears now outstanding in respect of previous years of assessment have fallen to a comparatively small sum. The approximate amount of Super-tax estimated to be due to be paid but not paid at 31st December, 1924, was £10,000,000. The latter figure, however, includes considerable sums which became legally payable and were actually demanded of the taxpayer after the 1st April, 1924.


Is the right hon. Gentleman quite unable to give us an estimate of the amounts outstanding under either of these heads at the present time?


That was the direct conclusion to be drawn from my answer.


Could the right hon. Gentleman say how many Members of the Labour party are in arrears with their Super-tax?




That is a personal question.

55. Colonel WEDGWOOD

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer what was the estimated number of persons with incomes of above £5,000 a year during the financial year ended 31st March, 1924: and what was the estimated total income of those persons and their estimated average individual income?


Up to the 31st December, 1924, 25,177 persons with incomes exceeding £5,000 per annum had been assessed to Super-tax in respect of the year 1923–24. The total income so assessed amounted to £311,560,000, being an average income of about £12,370. The income thus charged to Super-tax is the Income Tax income of the preceding year, i.e., of 1922–23. Similar details are not yet available in respect of Super-tax assessments for the year 1924–25, relating to Income Tax incomes of the year 1923–24.