HC Deb 30 July 1924 vol 176 cc2066-7

I want to ask the Leader of the House whether his attention has been drawn to a Notice of Motion which appears on the Blue Order Paper circulated this morning, which stands in the name of a very considerable number of hon. Members of this House— That a Select Committee be appointed to consider the working of Standing Order 37A, and to report what changes, if any, are necessary in the Standing Order. I should like to ask the Leader of the House whether he has considered that Notice of Motion, and whether he can see his way to the appointment of a Select Committee, or, at any rate, provide the House with an opportunity of discussing the application of this Order, as there is a good deal of discontent with regard to some of the interpretations of it.

The LORD PRIVY SEAL (Mr. Clynes)

I recognise the importance of the points raised in the question put to me by the right hon. Gentleman, but I regret to say it is impossible for the Government to find time to discuss this matter before the House rises.


May I point out that the right hon. Gentleman has not answered my other question, as to whether he will consider the appointment of a Select Committee. I can quite see the force of what he says about there being no time between now and the end of this part of the Session, but will the right hon. Gentleman consider before the next Session the appointment of a Select Committee, and will he at any rate give us time to discuss this matter. This rule has been in operation a good many years, and there has been a good deal of discontent with regard to the manner in which it has been interpreted.


I may say frankly that the only question which has been considered has been the demand for the dis- cussion, but I can assure the right hon. Gentleman that the other request which he has now made will have every attention.