HC Deb 28 July 1924 vol 176 cc1781-848

As amended (in the Standing Committee), considered.


The first Amendment on the Paper, in the name of the hon. Member for Bodmin (Mr. Foot) and others—to move a new Clause (Power to establish a children's fund)—is outside the scope of the Bill.


Is it not possible to bring this proposed new Clause within the scope of the Bill, having regard to the Title of the Bill, which sets forth that it is a Bill to provide for the regulation of wages of workers in agriculture, and for purposes incidental thereto"? Do not those last words enable it to be moved?


I have taken those words into my consideration.

  1. CLAUSE 1.—(Establishment of agricultural wages committees and an Agri cultural Wages Board.) 1,024 words
  2. cc1784-8
  3. CLAUSE 2.—(Duties and powers of agricultural wages committees with respect to minimum rates of wages.) 1,505 words
  4. c1788
  5. CLAUSE 5.—(Power of agricultural wages board to fix, cancel or vary minimum rates in certain cases.) 96 words
  6. cc1788-9
  7. CLAUSE 7.—(Penalties and Legal Proceedings.) 60 words
  8. c1789
  9. CLAUSE 8.—(Regulations.) 250 words
  10. cc1789-848
  11. NEW SCHEDULE. 23,777 words