HC Deb 09 July 1924 vol 175 cc2238-9
37. Mr. HANNON

asked the Minister of Labour whether he is aware that a woman who voluntarily leaves her employment in order to be married can, after three months, apply to be placed on the register for employment and, pending further appointment, draw unemployment benefit; whether he can state how many married women are at present receiving such benefit who have not been in employment since their marriage or who have only qualified for unemployment benefit by adding their pre-marriage insurance contributions to their post-marriage contributions; and what measures he proposes to adopt to safeguard the unemployment Insurance Fund in such cases?


As regards the first and third parts of I he, question, any insured contributor, in order to be eligible for benefit, must be available t' or work and unable to obtain suitable employment. These conditions apply both to covenanted and uncovenanted benefit, and the umpire, the courts of referees, and the insurance officer take into account a claimant's domestic duties in deciding whether the condition "available for work" is satisfied. Further safeguards are provided as regards uncovenanted benefit by additional statutory conditions to ensure that all beneficiaries from the fund are genuine industrial units. As regards the second part of the question no statistics are available.


In view of the abuse that is arising in cases of this kind, will the right hon. Gentleman give special instructions to the Employment Exchanges to be more watchful in these cases?


If the hon. Member will supply me with the case he refers to, of which I have no knowledge, I will take such steps as are necessary.

Lieut.-Colonel JAMES

Is it the business of the Minister of Labour to be acquainted with these cases without being notified by hon. Members?


It may be my business to be acquainted with things generally that occur, but I am not always satisfied that they have occurred.