HC Deb 27 February 1924 vol 170 cc457-8

asked the Minister of Labour what provision, if any, is now made for the industrial or other training of boys leaving school at 14?

The PRESIDENT of the BOARD of EDUCATION (Mr. Trevelyan)

I have been asked to reply to this question. For boys who are willing to attend school full time after 14, junior technical schools provide instruction adapted to their future occupations. For boys who will not attend full time, a substantial provision of facilities for instruction in subjects related to industrial occupations is made in most of the larger towns in England and Wales, in day and evening part-time classes.


further asked the Minister of Labour the percentage of boys leaving school annually who become apprentices and, in particular, how many become apprentices in the building trade?


I regret that nothing like precise information is available as to the number of boys becoming apprentices annually. As the question speaks of boys leaving school, I should add that in many trades, including the building industry, boys are not ordinarily bound apprentices before the age of 16.