HC Deb 05 August 1924 vol 176 c2724

asked the Secretary of State for War when the Committee which is inquiring into the effect on the staff concerned of Woolwich dockyard will present its final Report; and if the condition of Chilwell depot has been considered by the Committee?


I understand that the Report of the Committee referred to is now in the hands of the printers. The question of the disposal of the Chilwell staff was not within the terms of reference to the Committee and was not considered by them. I would point out that Chilwell is in a different position from Woolwich, especially in view of the fact that it did not exist before the War, and very few of the men employed there have any pre-War service.


Does that mean that ex-service men at Chilwell will be thrown out on to the streets while the country is over-run with aliens?


I do rot know what the hon. Member means by "thrown out on to the streets." The people have been employed, but when the work itself vanishes by effluxion of time it is impossible to keep the people there. That is a policy which, of course, has not been initiated by the present Government, and it was not done because of a double dose of original sin. It is simply because it is inevitable.