HC Deb 08 May 1923 vol 163 cc2316-8

Motion made, and Question proposed, "That this House do now adjourn."—[Colonel Leslie Wilson.]


I wish, Mr. Speaker, to ask your ruling on a point of Order. I understand that, when such a Resolution as that proposed, with Sir Samuel Roberts sitting as Chairman of the Committee, was objected to by even a single Member, that would prevent its being carried. If that is wrong, I think the wrong impression that I have is shared considerably.


I am not supposed to know what happens in Committee, and I am not responsible for the proceedings in Committee.


On the point of Order. May I point out to you that the Motion was already put and declared carried by the Chairman before the hon. Member rose. [HON. MEMBERS: "Hear, hear!" and "No, no!"]


I have already said that I am not responsible, and that I am not supposed to have any knowledge of the proceedings in Committee.


What happened was wrong and contrary to the rules of the House. The hon. Member for Silvertown (Mr. J. Jones) was in order in making his protest, and he rose in good time before the Question was put. I heard it. [HON. MEMBERS: "No, no!"] Do not say it is not true, or I may say a small word which will apply to all of you.


Perhaps you, Sir, will advise us, for this is really most important. I understood that if any single hon. Member objected to such a Resolution that the Resolution could not be carried. I think I shall be supported by every section of the House when I say that objection was raised immediately. I know that you were not within the precincts of the House, but we must have guidance, otherwise we shall see what we all deplore, that is, the difficulty of having Debate conducted like to-day, when we have interruption which makes deliberate debate almost impossible?


In this matter I should like to ask for your ruling. Here is a Vote which involves nearly a million of money. We have been asked to accept it without question; I raised a protest. I raised it at the proper time. [HON. MEMBERS: "Yes, and No."] I ask that you should give your ruling as to whether that Vote shall be carried into effect or not. It involves nearly a million of money, an expenditure in which we are interested as workers in solving the unemployment problem.


I can only say that I am not responsible, and cannot interfere with the proceedings in Committee. I have no doubt that the hon. Member for Silvertown knows that there will be another opportunity. This Resolution has to be taken on the Report stage, and I will see that the hon. Member has an opportunity of making his point when that comes on.

Adjourned accordingly at Eighteen Minutes after Eleven o'Clock.