HC Deb 08 May 1923 vol 163 cc2315-6

Considered in Committee, under Standing Order No. 71A.

[Sir SAMUEL ROBERTS in the Chair.]

Motion made, and question proposed, That it is expedient to authorise the charge on, and payment out of, the Consolidated Fund, or the growing produce thereof to the land revenue of the Crown, of compensation for any transfer of the rights and interests of the Crown under any Act of the present Session for the transfer of certain properties to the Forestry Commission and to amend the Forestry Act, 1919, and for purposes in connection therewith."—(King's Recommendation signified.)—[Major Boyd-Carpenter.]


I have no objection to this going through, but I object to this hole-and-corner way of doing it. We cannot hear what is being said. [HON. MEMBERS: "Order!"] I am raising the point in a perfectly legitimate way, and if there is to be any incivility I can play that game, too.

Lieut. - Colonel ARCHER - SHEE

The hon. Member said this was being done in a hole-and-corner manner, and that is what I object to.


I think it would be better for us all if the thing were done in such a fashion as we could understand. The Front Bench were not making themselves heard.

Resolution to be reported To-morrow.


I object, and I have a right to do so. I want to raise a question in regard to this matter.


I have to report the Resolution to the House.


Then I challenge your authority. [HON. MEMBERS: "Order!"] The Resolution of the House means nothing. We have a right to know what this means.

The remaining Orders were read, and postponed.