HC Deb 30 July 1923 vol 167 cc1187-91

Postponed Proceeding on Consideration of Lords Amendments resumed.

  1. CLAUSE 7.—(Excessive charges for furniture, etc., taken over in connection with tenancies.) 250 words
  2. c1189
  3. CLAUSE 10.—(Restriction on right to possession, in, certain cases after the expiry of the principal Act.) 72 words
  4. c1189
  5. CLAUSE 11.—(Reduction of rent pending the execution of repairs.) 157 words
  6. cc1189-90
  7. NEW CLAUSE D.—(Restriction of calling in of mortgages.) 290 words
  8. cc1190-1
  9. CLAUSE 12.—(Regulations as to reference committees.) 181 words