HC Deb 04 July 1923 vol 166 cc444-5
87 and 88. Mr. SNELL

asked the Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies (1) whether, seeing that white men in Kenya Colony, charged with causing the death of natives, are tried by juries composed exclusively of white men, he will, in the interests of justice, consider the advisability of securing some variation of this practice;

(2) if he is aware that Kenya Colony is the only Colonial territory, under the direct control of the Colonial Office, in which within recent years natives have been either flogged to death or have died as a result of ill-treatment at the hands of settlers; and whether he will consult the Governor of the Colony, who is now in this country, as to the advisability of taking such action as will prevent any recurrence of these atrocities and bring the Colony into line in this matter with other territories under the direct control of the Colonial Office?


The matter referred to in the hon. Member's two questions has engaged the anxious consideration of successive Secretaries of State for many years, but, without attempting to minimise its importance, I must guard myself from any suggestion that I do not realise that the vast majority of the British settlers in Kenya are as free from any tendency to ill-treat natives as are British settlers in other parts of the world. I can assure the hon. Member that the matter will be fully discussed with the Governor, but as a case of this kind is now before the local Courts, I would deprecate any reference to a discussion of the subject which might prejudice the trial.


Will the hon. Gentleman take steps to deal with the subject after the trial is over?


We had better not discuss this matter while the trial is on, and until we have full particulars before us.

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