HC Deb 01 August 1923 vol 167 c1461

asked the Under-Secretary to the Scottish Board of Health whether, in view of the preference accorded to ex-soldiers and ex-sailors in regard to the allocation of small holdings in Scotland, he will consider placing on an equal footing with them the fathers of soldiers and sailors who lost their lives in the War, who, had they returned, would have been eligible for such preference, and would have worked the holding with the help of their parents?

Captain ELLIOT (Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Health, Scotland)

I would remind the hon. Member that the existing preference to ex-service men arises from the direction given by Parliament in Section 28 of the Land Settlement Act, 1919, that the Board should give a preference to suitable persons who served in the forces of the Crown in the recent or in any previous war. Until the applications of the ex-service men, who are at present entitled to preference, have been satisfied, my Noble Friend does not consider that any such extension as is suggested in the question can be made.


Can the hon. and gallant Gentleman say how long it will be before the applications of ex-service men will be satisfied?

Captain ELLIOT

I am unable to answer that question without notice.