HC Deb 17 April 1923 vol 162 cc1850-1

asked the President of the Board of Trade the quantities and value of foundry coke and pig-iron exported during the years 1920, 1921 and 1922?

Viscount WOLMER

As the answer contains a table of figures, I will, with the hon. Member's permission, have it circulated in the OFFICIAL REPORT.


Is the Noble Lord aware that, owing to the exports of coke and pig iron, large numbers of foundry workers in this country are working short time, while the commodities are being exported to Germany and other countries, and what steps will be taken to retain a sufficient supply for home consumption?

Viscount WOLMER

I am aware that that has been the case in the past, but I understand that the producers are taking steps by which they hope that very shortly the supply will equal the demand.

Following is the table promised:

The following table shows the quantities and declared values of coke (other than gas coke) and pig iron, of United Kingdom manufacture registered as exported during the undermentioned years:

Commodity. Quantity Exported. Value.
1920. 1921. 1922. 1920. 1921. 1922.
Tons. Tons. Tons. £ £ £
Coke, other than gas coke 902,666 292,648 1,602,671 5,192,723 704,630 2,352,971
Pig Iron and Ferro-Alloys:—
Pig Iron 462,175 103,214 651,212 5,867,675 995,470 3,257,884
Ferro-Alloys 117,334 32,472 142,704 4,13,026 682,956 1,946,125
Total 579,509 136,686 793,916 10,002,701 1,678,426 5,204,009

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