HC Deb 06 December 1922 vol 159 cc1742-3
29. Major Viscount SANDON

asked the Minister of Labour if he has, or can procure, any records to show the percentage of those registered on the Employment Exchanges in the last two years or 18 months who have been found permanent employment; if he has received any representations within that time from any local authorities condemning or praising the Employment Exchanges; and, if so, how many, and which, places?


Statistics on this point are not available and could not be compiled without great labour. I may say, however, that there is no reason to suppose that employment found through the Employment Exchanges is any less permanent than that normally obtaining in the particular occupation concerned. I am not aware of any case in which, within the period in question, a local authority has made representations to the Department either praising or condemning the Employment Exchanges.

64. Mr. SITCH

asked the Minister o? Labour whether his attention has been drawn to the criticism from all quarters as to the present, under-staffing of the Employment Exchanges, which is resulting in the overworking of the staff and vexatious delays to persons who have to resort to the Exchanges; and whether he will institute a thorough inquiry into the question?


In the interests of economy a very careful watch is kept on the staffing of the Exchanges, and little margin can be allowed for special emergencies, but I have no reason to suppose that the Exchange staffs are not generally adequate. In these circumstances I do not think a general inquiry would serve any useful purpose, but if particulars of any specific cases of alleged under-staffing can be supplied I shall be glad to inquire into them.


Can the right hon. Gentleman state the number of unemployed men dealt with in each office?


I should require notice of that question.