HC Deb 06 December 1922 vol 159 cc1768-72

May I draw the attention of the Prime Minister to the order of business on the Order Paper to-day. In replying to the usual question I put to him regarding the order of business, he gave as the first Order the Order under the Safeguarding of Industries Act, 1921, relating to gas mantles, and as the second Order the Trade Facilities and Loans Guarantee Bill. It is true I asked him if he would be good enough to put the Second Reading of the Bill on the Paper at such a time as would be convenient to the House for a full discussion, and it is just possible, that, out of courtesy to me, he changed the Order. Therefore I do not complain, but, to avoid any further misunderstanding, I should like to ask him if, in future, when a change be made in the order of business, he would be good enough to see that the Whips are communicated with.


I have to admit that a mistake was made in this matter. It was because of the suggestion that the Bill should be, taken at an early hour that the change was made. My hon. Friend, who has not had very much experience as Chief Whip, omitted to have the announcement made. He, himself, explained to me this morning that he had made that mistake.

Lieut.-Commander KENWORTHY

In case the first two Orders run to a late hour, does the right hon. Gentleman propose to take the Second Reading of the Importation of Animals Bill, at any rate, after midnight?


I should be sorry that a Bill of this importance should

be taken at a very late hour. I hope we may be able to deal with it at a comparatively early hour.

Motion made, and Question put, "That the Proceedings on Government Business be exempted at this day's Sitting from the provisions of the Standing Order (Sittings of the House).—[The Prime Minister.]

The House divided: Ayes, 268; Noes, 158.

Division No. 20.] AYES. [3.50 p.m.
Agg-Gardner, Sip James Tynte Crook, C. W. (East Ham, North) Hohler, Gerald Fitzroy
Alexander, E. E. (Leyton, East) Crooke, J. S. (Deritend) Holbrook, Sir Arthur Richard
Amery, Rt. Hon. Leopold C. M. S. Curzon, Captain Viscount Hopkins, John W. W.
Archer-Shee, Lieut.-Colonel Martin Dalziel, Sir D. (Lambeth, Brixton) Hopkinson, A. (Lancaster, Mossley)
Ashley, Lt.-Col. Wilfrid W. Davidson, J. C. C. (Hemel Hempstead) Horne, Sir R. S. (Glasgow, Hillhead)
Astor, Viscountess Davies, Alfred Thomas (Lincoln) Houlton, John Plowright
Balrd, Rt. Hon. Sir John Lawrence Davies, Thomas (Cirencester) Houston, Sir Robert Patterson
Baldwin, Rt. Hon. Stanley Davison, Sir W. H. (Kensington, S) Howard, Capt. D. (Cumberland, N)
Balfour, George (Hampstead) Dawson, Sir Philip Howard-Bury, Lieut.-Col. C. K.
Banbury, Rt. Hon. Sir Frederick G. Dixon, C. H. (Rutland) Hudson, Capt. A.
Banks, Mitchell Doyle, N. Grattan Hughes, Collingwood
Barnett, Major Richard W. Edge, Captain Sir William Hume, G. H.
Becker, Harry Edmondson, Major A. J. Hume-Williams, Sir W. Ellis
Bell, Lieut.-Col. W. C. H. (Devizes) Ednam, Viscount Hurd, Percy A.
Bellairs, Commander Carlyon W. Elliot, Capt. Walter E. (Lanark) Hurst, Lt.-Col. Gerald Berkeley
Bentinck, Lord Henry Cavendish- Elvedon, Viscount Hutchison, G. A. C. (Peebles, N.)
Berry, Sir George England, Lieut.-Colonel A. Hutchison, W. (Kelvingrove)
Betterton, Henry B. Erskine, Lord (Weston-super-Mare) Jackson, Lieut.-Colonel Hon. F. S.
Birchell, Major J. Dearman Erskine-Bolst, Captain C. Jarrett, G. W. S.
Bird, Sir W. B. M. (Chichester) Evans, Capt. H. Arthur (Leicester, E.) Jenkins, W. A. (Brecon and Radnor)
Blades, Sir George Rowland Eyres-Monsell, Com. Bolton M. Jephcott, A. R.
Blundell, F. N. Falcon, Captain Michael Jodrell, Sir Neville Paul
Bowyer, Capt. G. E. W. Falle, Major Sir Bertram Godfray Kennedy, Captain M. S. Nigel
Boyd-Carpenter, Major A. Fawkes, Major F. H. King, Captain Henry Douglas
Brass, Captain W. Fermor-Hesketh, Major T. Kinloch-Cooke, Sir Clement
Brassey, Sir Leonard Fildes, Henry Lamb, J. Q.
Bridgeman, Rt. Hon. William Clive Ford, Patrick Johnston Lane-Fox, Lieut.-Colonel G. R.
Briggs, Harold Foreman, Sir Henry Law, Rt. Hon. A. B. (Glasgow, C.)
Brittain, Sir Harry Forestier-Walker, L. Lloyd, Cyril E. (Dudley)
Brown, Major D. C. (Hexham) Foxcroft, Captain Charles Talbot Locker-Lampson, Com. O. (Handsw'th)
Brown, Brig.-Gen. Clifton (Newbury) Fraser, Major Sir Keith Lorden, John William
Brown, J. W. (Middlesbrough, E.) Frece, Sir Walter de Lorimer, H. D.
Bruford, R. Fremantle, Lieut.-Colonel Francis E. Lougher, L.
Buckingham, Sir H. Furness, G. J. Lowe, Sir Francis William
Buckley, Lieut.-Colonel A. Ganzoni, Sir John Loyd, Arthur Thomas (Abingdon)
Bull, Rt. Hon. Sir William James Gardiner, James Lumley, L. R.
Burn, Col. C. R. (Devon, Torquay) Garland, C. S. Macnamara, Rt. Hon. Dr. T. J.
Burney, Com. (Middx., Uxbridge) Gates, Percy McNeill, Ronald (Kent, Canterbury)
Butcher, Sir John George Gaunt, Rear-Admiral Sir Guy R. Macpherson, Rt. Hon. James J.
Butler, H. M. (Leeds, North) Gilbert, James Daniel Makins, Brigadier-General E.
Button, H. S. Gilmour, Lt.-Col. Rt. Hon. Sir John Malone, Major P. B, (Tottenham, S.)
Cadogan, Major Edward Gould, James C. Margesson, H. D. R.
Campion, Lieut.-Colonel W. R. Gray, Harold (Cambridge) Mason. Lieut.-Col. C. K.
Cassels, J. D. Greene, Lt.-Col. Sir W. (Hack'y, N.) Mercer, Colonel H.
Cautley, Henry Strother Greenwood, William (Stockport) Milne, J. S. Wardlaw
Cayzer, Sir C. (Chester, City) Gretton, Colonel John Mitchell, W. F. (Saffron Walden)
Cecil, Rt. Hon. Sir Evelyn (Aston) Grigg, Sir Edward Molloy, Major L. G. S.
Cecil, Rt. Hon. Lord R. (Hitchin) Guinness, Lieut.-Col. Hon. W. E. Molson, Major John Eisdale
Chamberlain, Rt. Hn. J. A. (Birm. W.) Gwynne, Rupert S. Moore, Major-General Sir Newton J.
Chamberlain, Rt. Hon. N. (Ladywood) Hacking, Captain Douglas H. Morden, Col. W. Grant
Chapman, Sir S. Hall, Rr-Adml Sir W.(Liv'p'l, W. D'by) Moreing, Captain Algernon H.
Clarry, Reginald George Halstead, Major D. Morrison, Hugh (Wilts, Salisbury)
Clay, Lieut.-Colonel H. H. Spender Harmsworth, Hon. E. C. (Kent) Morrison-Bell, Major A. C. (Honiton)
Clayton, G. C. Harrison, F. C. Murchison, C. K.
Cobb, Sir Cyril Harvey, Major S. E. Nall, Major Joseph
Cockerill, Brigadier-General G. K. Hawke, John Anthony Newman, Colonel J. R. P. (Finchley)
Cohen, Major J. Brunel Henderson, Sir T. (Roxburgh) Newman, Sir R. H. S. D. L. (Exeter)
Colfox, Major Wm. Phillips Henn, Sir Sydney H. Newton, Sir D. G. C. (Cambridge)
Collie, Sir John Hennessy, Major J. R. G. Nicholson, Brig.-Gen. J. (Westminster)
Colvin, Brig.-General Richard Beale Herbert, S. (Scarborough) Nicholson, William G. (Petersfield)
Conway, Sir W. Martin Howett, Sir J. P. Norton-Griffiths, Lieut.-Col. Sir John
Cotts, Sir William Dingwall Mitchell Hiley, Sir Ernest Oman, Sir Charles William C.
Craik, Rt. Hon. Sir Henry Hoare, Lieut.-Colonel Sir S. J. G. Ormsby-Gore, Hon. William
Croft, Lieut.-Colonel Henry Page Hogg, Rt. Hon. Sir D. (St. Marylebone) Paget, T. G.
Parker, Owen (Kettering) Rounded, Colonel R. F. Turton, Edmund Russborough
Pease, Rt. Hon. Herbert Pike Ruggles-Brise, Major E. Vaughan-Morgan, Col. K. P.
Pennefather, De Fonblanque Russell, Alexander West (Tynemouth) Wallace, Captain E.
Penny, Frederick George Russell, William (Bolton) Ward, Col. J. (Stoke-upon-Trent)
Percy, Lord Eustace (Hastings) Russell-Wells, Sir Sydney Warner, Sir T. Courtenay T.
Peto, Basil E. Sanders, Rt. Hon. Sir Robert A. Watts, Dr. T. (Man., Withington)
Phllipson, H. H. Sandon, Lord Wells, S. R.
Pielou, D. P. Sheffield, Sir Berkeley Weston, Colonel John Wakefield
Pliditch, Sir Philip Shepperson, E. W. Wheler, Col. Granville C. H.
Pownall, Lieut.-Colonel Assheton Simpson-Hinchcliffe, W. A. White, Lt.-Col. G. D. (Southport)
Preston, Sir W. R. Singleton, J. E. Willey, Arthur
Privett, F. J. Skelton, A. N. Wilson, Col. M. J. (Richmond)
Raeburn, Sir William H. Somerville, Daniel (Barrow-in-Furness) Windsor, Viscount
Ralne, W. Sparkes, H. W. Winterton, Earl
Rawson, Lieut.-Com. A. C. Spears, Brig.-Gen. E. L. Wise, Frederick
Rees, Sir Beddoe Steel, Major S. Strang Wolmer, Viscount
Remer, J. R. Stockton, Sir Edwin Forsyth Wood, Rt. Hn. Edward F. L. (Ripon>
Remnant, Sir James Stott, Lt.-Col. W. H. Wood, Sir H. K. (Woolwich, West)
Reynolds, W. G. W. Strauss, Edward Anthony Wood, Major Sir S. Hill- (High Peak)
Rhodes, Lieut.-Col. J. P. Sugden, Sir Wilfrid H. Woodcock, Colonel H. C.
Richardson, Sir Alex. (Gravesend) Sykes, Major-Gen. Sir Frederick H. Worthington-Evans, Rt. Hon. Sir L.
Richardson, Lt.-Col. Sir p. (Chertsey) Thomson, Luke (Sunderland) Yate, Colonel Sir Charles Edward
Roberts, Samuel (Hereford, Herelord) Thomson, F. C. (Aberdeen, South) Yerburgh, R. D. T.
Roberts, Rt. Hon. Sir S. (Ecclesall) Titchfield, Marquess of Young, Rt. Hon. E. H. (Norwich)
Robertson, J. D. (Islington, W.) Tryon, Rt. Hon. George Clement
Rogerson, Capt. J. E. Tubbs, S. W. TELLERS FOR THE AYES.—
Colonel Gibbs and Major Barnston.
Adamson, W. M. (Staff., Cannock) Henderson, T. (Glasgow) Roberts, Frederick O. (W. Bromwich)
Alexander, A. V. (Sheffield, Hillsbro') Herriotts, J. Robertson, J. (Lanark, Bothwell)
Asquith, Rt. Hon. Herbert Henry Hill, A. Robinson, W. C. (York, Elland)
Attlee, C. R. Hirst, G. H. Rose, Frank H.
Barker, G. (Monmouth, Abertillery) Hodge, Rt. Hon. John Royce, William Stapleton
Barnes, A. Hogge, James Myles Saklatvala, S.
Batey, Joseph Irving, Dan Scrymgeour, E.
Benn, Captain Wedgwood (Leith) Jenkins, W. (Glamorgan, Neath) Sexton, James
Berkeley, Captain Reginald John, William (Rhondda, West) Shaw, Hon. Alex. (Kilmarnock)
Bonwick, A. Johnston, Thomas (Stirling) Shaw, Thomas (Preston)
Bowdier, W. A. Jones, J. J. (West Ham, Silvertown) Shinwell, Emanuel
Bowerman, Rt. Hon. Charles W. Jones, R. T. (Carnarvon) Short, Alfred (Wednesbury)
Briant, Frank JonBs, T. I. Mardy (Pontypridd) Simon, Rt. Hon. Sir John
Broad, F. A. Jowett, F. W. (Bradford, East) Simpson, J. Hope
Bromfield, William Kelley, Major Fred (Rotherham) Sitch, Charles H.
Brotherton, J. Kenworthy, Lieut.-Commander J. M. Smith, H. B. Lees (Keighley)
Brown, James (Ayr and Bute) Kenyon, Barnet Smith, T. (Pontefract)
Buchanan, G. Kirkwood, D. Snell, Harry
Burgess, S. Lambert, Rt. Hon. George Snowden, Philip
Burnle, Major J. (Bootle) Lansbury, George Spencer, H. H. (Bradford, S.)
Buxton, Charles (Accrington) Lawson, John James Stephen, Campbell
Buxton, Noel (Norfolk, North) Leach, W. Stewart, J. (St. Rollox)
Chapple, W. A. Lee, F. Sullivan, J.
Charleton, H. C. Linfield, F. C. Thomas, Rt. Hon. James H. (Derby)
Clarke, Sir E. C. Lowth, T. Thomson, T. (Middlesbrough, West>
Clynes, Rt. Hon. John R. MacDonald, J. R. (Aberavon) Thorne, W. (West Ham, Plaistow)
Collins, Pat (Walsall) M'Entee, V. L. Thornton, M.
Collison, Levi McLaren, Andrew Tout, W. J.
Cowan, D. M. (Scottish Universities) Maclean, Nell (Glasgow, Govan) Trevelyan, C. P.
Davies, Evan (Ebbw Vale) March, S. Turner, Ben
Davies, Rhys John (Westhoughton) Marshall, Sir Arthur H. Wallhead, Richard C.
Davison, J. E. (Smethwick) Martin, F. (Aberd'n & Kinc'dine, E.) Warns, G. H.
Dudgeon, Major C. R. Maxton, James Watson, W. M. (Dunfermline)
Duncan, C. Middleton, G. Watts-Morgan, Lt.-Col. D. (Rhondda)
Dunnico, H. Millar, J. D. Webb, Sidney
Edmonds, G. Mond, Rt. Hon. sir Alfred Moritz Wedgwood, Colonel Josiah C.
Edwards, C. (Monmouth, Bedwellty) Morel, E. D. Weir, L. M.
Emlyn-Jones, J. E. (Dorset, N.) Morrison, R. C. (Tottenham, N.) Westwood, J
Entwistle, Major C. F. Mosley, Oswald White, Charles F. (Derby. Western)
Falconer, J. Muir, John W. White, H. G. (Birkenhead, E.)
Foot, Isaac Murnin, H. Whiteley, W.
Graham, W. (Edinburgh, Central) Murray, R. (Renfrew, Western) Wignall, James
Gray, Frank (Oxford) Newbold, J. T. W. Williams, David (Swansea, E.)
Grenfell, D. R. (Glamorgan) Nichol, Robert Williams, Dr. J. H. (Llanelly)
Grundy, T. W. Oliver, George Harold Williams, T. (York, Don Valley)
Hall, F. (York, W. R., Normanton) Paling, W. Wilson, C. H. (Sheffield, Attercliffe)
Hall, G. H. (Merthyr Tydvil) Pattinson, R. (Grantham) Wilson, R. J. (Jarrow)
Hamilton, Sir R. (Orkney & Shetland) Phillipps, Vivian Wintringham, Margaret
Hancock, John George Ponsonby, Arthur Wood, Major M. M. (Aberdeen, c.)
Harbord, Arthur Pringle, W. M. R. Young, Robert (Lancaster, Newton)
Hardle, George D. Richardson, R. (Houghton-le-Spring)
Harney, E. A. Riley, Ben TELLERS FOR THE NOES.—
Hay, Captain J. P. (Cathcart) Ritson, J. Mr. Lunn and Mr. Morgan Jones.
Hayday, Arthur Roberts, C. H. (Derby)

Bill read a Second time, and committed to a Committee of the Whole House for To-morrow.—[Colonel Gibbs.]