HC Deb 01 August 1922 vol 157 cc1300-45

An Act to make provision for the disbandment of the Royal Irish Constabulary and with respect to magistrates appointed under the Acts relating to that force, and for the validation of things done or omitted in the execution or purported execution of those Acts, and for other purposes incidental thereto.

Lords Amendment:

After the word "of"["disbandment of the Royal Irish Constabulary"], insert, "and for other matters relating to."


It will be necessary to move to postpone this Amendment.

Question, "That the Lords Amendment be postponed," put, and agreed to—[Sir H. Greenwood.]

  1. CLAUSE 1—(Disbandment of the Royal Irish Constabulary.) 13,336 words, 1 division
  2. c1334
  3. NEW CLAUSE—(Tribunal for dealing with individual cases of hardship.) 43 words
  4. cc1334-40
  5. NEW CLAUSE.—(Provisions as to disturb ance allowance, etc.) 2,507 words
  6. cc1340-5
  7. NEW CLAUSE.—(Pension of officer or con-stable retired mice 1st January, 1919, through unfitness caused by injury.) 1,702 words
    1. c1345
    2. SCHEDULE. 249 words