HC Deb 01 August 1922 vol 157 c1345

The Rules in the Ninth Schedule to the Government of Ireland Act, 1920, shall apply for the purposes of the award of compensation under Section one of this Act, subject to the following modifications:—

(1) Any reference to the Lord Lieutenant shall be construed as a reference to the Treasury, and the expression "existing enactments" shall be construed as meaning enactments in force at the time of the passing of this Act and any Orders made under those enactments and in force at that time.

(2) The following proviso shall be added at the end of Rule 2:— Provided that in the case of the surgeon of the Royal Irish Constabulary his compensation allowance may, should he so desire, be calculated in like manner as the pension which he would have been entitled to receive on retirement under the existing enactments applicable to him if the years to be added as aforesaid were added to his years of age instead of to his completed years of actual service.

(3) Rule 3 shall not apply.

(4) The following rule shall be substituted for Rule 4:— (4) The allowance awarded to an officer or constable shall in no case exceed two-thirds of the salary on which the allowance is calculated.

(5) The following words shall be added at the end of Rule 5, "and as if his years of service had been the years on which the allowance was calculated."

Lords Amendment: Leave out the Schedule and insert as new Schedules.

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