HC Deb 19 February 1920 vol 125 cc1024-5

asked the Prime Minister (1) whether his attention has been called to a resolution passed by the Empire Movement Committee on 13th November last by which they resolved to approach the Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom and the Dominions, and respectfully to suggest to them that they may see their way to advise His Majesty to appeal to his peoples in all parts of the British Empire to hold in accordance with their respective faiths public religious services on Empire Day, 24th May; and whether he will take those suggestions into his favourable consideration and take steps accordingly; (2) whether his attention has been called to a resolution passed on 13th November last by the Empire Movement Committee, expressing the opinion that the time has come for the use of an Imperial flag displaying thereon the Union Jack with symbols representing the Dominions, Crown Colonies, and Indian Empire, and recommending that such a flag be prepared and flown on all churches, chapels, places of worship, and public buildings throughout the British Empire as a token of humble thanksgiving to Almighty God for the preservation of the Empire; and whether he will give these proposals his favourable consideration?


The answer to the first part of both questions is in the affirmative. His Majesty's Government will take these resolutions into consideration, but I am inclined to think that having regard to the way in which the whole Empire chose the anniversary of the signing of the Armistice for thanksgiving, and in view of the impressiveness of that occasion, it might be preferable that similar action should be taken in future on that anniversary.


Will the Government give a decision as early as possible, so that the necessary arrangements may be made?

Captain LOSEBY

Will the right hon. Gentleman, on the lines of the hon. Member's question, consider at the same time whether the patriotic forces of this country are not now sufficiently strong to enable us to insist that the children of this country in their national schools are taught history and the duties of citizen-shi p?


Will the right hon. Gentleman say what the thanksgiving services are for?