HC Deb 16 February 1920 vol 125 cc509-10
53. Captain COOTE

asked the Prime Minister, whether the Civil Liabilities Committee have declared their inability to assist disabled men who have been trained under a scheme worked by the Ministry of Pensions or the Ministry of Labour; and whether, seeing that it is a waste of public money to train a man for any employment unless he be assisted, whore necessary, to prosper in that employment, he will see that the Treasury be empowered to provide the Civil Liabilities Committee with funds for this purpose?


The purpose of the Civil Liabilities Fund is to provide assistance to men in re-establishing themselves in a business which was lost to them owing to military service. On the other hand, the object of the training allowances is to fit men for skilled employment. It is, therefore, apparent that the two forms of assistance are quite unconnected with each other. What is done under the present scheme as a supplement to the training allowances when the period of training is over, is to help in the provision of tools to the trained man, and that is done up to a sum of £10. It ought to be added that at the end of the period of training the man also receives a sum representing an allowance of 5s. per week which is granted as a bonus for efficiency.

Captain COOTE

What is a man to do if he has been trained in some occupation that he could take up on his own? It is not a question of finding employment. Ought he not to have a grant to enable him to start a business of his own?


My hon. Friend cannot expect me to answer questions of detail. Perhaps he will put a Question to the Ministry of Labour.