HC Deb 10 August 1920 vol 133 cc226-7
60. Mr. ROSE

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer what proportion, if any, of the £504,000,000 obtained by the Disposal Board by the sale of surplus war stores has so far reached the Treasury; and if, in view of the statements contained in the White Paper [Cmd. 850] recently issued by the Minister of Munitions, he will inform the House if the total stated to have been obtained coincides approximately with the ascertained receipts by the Treasury from the' Disposal Board of the Ministry of Munitions?


I will circulate in the OFFICIAL REPORT a statement containing the information asked for.

The following is the information promised:

The sum of £504,000,000 is made up, as stated in Command Paper 850, of (1) £251,000,000 in respect of disposals, and (2) £253,000,000 in respect of sales of raw materials on trading accounts.

(1) Disposals: (£251,000,000).

Of the total sales of £251,000,000, £171,000,000 is cash received in this country, and has been disposed of as follows:

Appropriated, under Parliamentary authority, in aid of Votes (i.e., in reduction of the sums which would otherwise have been required to be included in the net votes for the Department concerned):

Ministry of Munitions Votes, 1918–19 and 1919–20 120,500,000
War Office, Admiralty, Air Ministry, and Office of Works, and other Votes 30,500,000
Paid direct to the Exchequer, 1920–21 (to 30th June) 20,000,000

Note.—Under the arrangements made for 1920–21, disposals receipts will be paid direct to the Exchequer and not appropriated in aid of Munitions Votes.

The balance of £80,000,000 is made up approximately as follows:—

Sums due, or to become due, under Contracts already made, from Foreign Governments, British Government Departments, and private purchasers 72,000,000
Cash held Overseas 3,000,000
Value of stores handed over to Contractors in lieu of cash on liquidation of Contracts 3,500,000
Stores supplied to Ministry Departments for consumption 1,000,000
Cost of Auction Sales 500,000
(2) Raw Materialson Trading Accounts (£253,000,000): £
Paid to the Exchequer (to date) 50,000,000
Further credits to Trading Accounts 203,000,000
(Any ultimate surplus which may remain on these Accounts after meeting payments due will be paid to the Exchequer from which the original Capital (£60,000,000) used in the business was derived.)