HC Deb 22 December 1919 vol 123 cc1159-68

Order for consideration of Lords Amendments read.

Motion made, and Question proposed, "That the Lords Amendments be now considered."


Perhaps my right hon. Friend will tell us generally what is the effect of these Amendments?

The MINISTER of HEALTH (Dr. Addison)

These are largely drafting Amendments. Some of the others are the result of an understanding arrived at in the House on the Report stage. I would call attention to the first Amendment to Clause 5, after the word "construction," to insert the words "within their area," which will require a consequential Amendment further on. Then the prohibition of the demolition of houses is dealt with in the other House by giving an appeal to the Minister. One important Amendment is designed to carry out a pledge given in this House with the view of protecting commons. Another Amendment is directed to carry out an understanding arrived at to discriminate between the London County Council, the City Corporations and the borough councils. There is no other Amendment of consequence until we come to one which is in pursuance of the policy laid down by an Amend- ment, moved by private Members and pressed upon us in this House, and which was out of order as moved. It was inserted in another place, and the Government now advises the House to accept it. It is very much wanted by the local authorities. If the question of privilege should arise, I shall ask the House to waive it. Otherwise, we accept all Amendments as they are on the Paper.


As the points which have been explained by the right hon. Gentleman are rather detailed and complicated, would it not be better to adjourn consideration of them until after the discussion on Ireland? Is that possible?

Mr. BONAR LAW (the Leader of the House)

I am sorry to say that that course is really not possible, if we are to adjourn as understood, because we cannot be certain that the changes we make here will not require reconsideration in another place.

Question put, and agreed to.

Lords Amendments considered accordingly.

  1. CLAUSE 1.—(Provision for Payment of Money to Persons Constructing Houses.) 417 words
  2. c1161
  3. CLAUSE 2.—(Aggregate Amount of Grants.) 129 words
  4. cc1161-2
  5. CLAUSE 4.—(Amendment of s 7 and s. 19 of 9 and 10 Geo. 5, c. 35, with respect to Amount of Annual Payments.) 134 words
  6. cc1162-3
  7. CLAUSE 5.—(Prohibition of Building Operations which. Interfere with Provision of Dwelling houses.) 509 words
  8. cc1163-4
  9. CLAUSE 6.—(Prohibition on Demolition of Dwelling Houses.) 327 words
  10. c1164
  11. CLAUSE 7.—(Powers of Borrowing for Purpose of Housing Acts.) 73 words
  12. c1164
  13. CLAUSE 9;—(Power of Trustees to Invest in Certain Securities Issued by Local Authorities.) 94 words
  14. cc1164-5
  15. CLAUSE 10.—(Acquisition. Of Land for Purpose of Garden Cities or Town-Planning Schemes.) 488 words
  16. cc1165-6
  17. CLAUSE 11— (Meaning of Local Authority53 and 54 Viet. c. 70.) 231 words
  18. c1166
  19. CLAUSE A.—(Execution of Act in County of London.) 81 words
  20. c1166
  21. CLAUSE 13.—(Application to Ireland.) 211 words
  22. cc1166-8
  23. CLAUSE 14.—(Short, Title and Duration.) 94 words
    1. SCHEDULE.
      1. cc1167-8
      2. PROVISIONS AS TO LOCAL BONDS. 420 words