HC Deb 18 August 1919 vol 119 cc2013-4

We propose to submit in the Autumn Session a Bill with regard to the control and development of water power in this country. There is a vast reserve of power that ought to be harnessed for inodustrial purposes in this country which is running to waste, and if coal is going up we need that power more than ever. It is the only way in which Italy is able to protect itself from the fact that it has no mineral deposits. At all events, it will be necessary to supplement our coal power by utilising all the water power of this country which can be utilised for the purpose. There is now being conducted in reference to power an inquiry which may have immeasurable effects on the industrial future of this country. I am very hopeful of remarkable results coming from research which is now being prosecu- ted under the auspices of the Government All these questions of power development have a direct bearing on the question of the regeneration of rural life in England.