HC Deb 18 August 1919 vol 119 c2014

I must now say a word about the fostering of our Imperial trade. That is important, not merely from the point of view of increasing our trade, but from the even more important view of strengthening the unity of the Empire. Civilisation, was saved by the British Empire in the last War. I have had several consultations with the Premiers and Ministers of self-governing Dominions, and they all attach the greatest importance to the fostering of Imperial trade by means of improving the communication between the Dominions and the Mother Country, and between India and the Mother Country. When I was President of the Board of Trade, I ventured to put forward certain proposals upon those lines. Now I am glad to say that every Dominion is pressing for the improvement of transport relations with the Mother Country—improvement chiefly in the quickening of transport. An Imperial Investigation Board has been constantly representing British and Dominion Governments, and representing also commercial interests, with a view to carrying out schemes that will improve and increase the trade between the Dominions and India and the Mother Country, by improving the means of communication between the various parts of the Empire.